Midnight Mystery photo courtesy of MJ Coleman

A few years ago I took a one day workshop about feng shui. It was very interesting and I wanted to learn more but didn’t feel like I could add one more thing into my already busy life.

Recently people in my Spring Forest Qigong practice groups asked me if I knew anything about feng shui. Their questions rekindled my interest so I decided to learn more about this ancient practice.

As I began reading about feng shui, I realized that there is a natural connection between it and the other work I do, which is teaching qigong and doing energy healing work.

When I created my other website, www.MovingYourEnergy.com,  my friend Peggy, of Living What Is,  suggested that I write a blog but the timing wasn’t right. On a whim, on a cold day in December,  I created this website and began blogging about Clutter Clearing and feng shui.

MovingYourEnergy.com has information about energy healing and the qigong classes and other workshops I facilitate. AbundantlySimple.com is about my adventure into the world of clutter clearing and feng shui.

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be well, Karyn